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Viroblya¾mo that real_zovu¾mo to a pobutov to pellet of 6 - 8 mm, a sirovina a pine, zoln_st to 0,7%. Promislova of pellet zoln_st to 1,5%. Fasuvannya b_g-run, pol_etilenovy package 15 of kg., and takozh nasipy. Delivery on that Ukra§n_ =vrop_.
Group: Pellet fuel
In stock 
The ENTERPRISE realizes spill of coniferous breeds of trees on a constant basis. Fraction of spill: 30x30x5, 40x40x5, 60x60x5, 80x80x5. Spill cost contractual is possible with the VAT. Depends on the volume and delivery terms. We deliver production on the enterprises of Ukraine own motor transport.
Group: Fuel woodchips


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